The songs from the 1994 "Ars Poetica" demo are now available for download on the music page. Note that the sound quality is unfortunately not very good, as it is taken from the original demo cassette.

"The dying of an ageless day" was awarded 9 of 10 in Black magazin! The review (in German) has been added to the review section.

Eridu Arcane is interviewed in Black magazin.

A new review is up at Le Fantastique.Net

"The dying of an ageless day" is reviewed in HolterdiPolter magazine.

The new album is distributed/sold by Middle Pillar
in the USA.

The German mail-order outlet Trimail now carries the new album.

The new album is now available! Go here to purchase a copy.

The website has been revamped, with more content and a new layout.

The "Refugee from the monochrome" album is currently unavailable, but we will try to get some more copies pressed when we can. News about this will be posted here when available.