I thought i could grasp heaven
but how can you touch the sky
without being shattered
how can you drink of the sun
without turning blind
and how can these emotions not be
the ocean in which i drown

for i have tried but failed
for me the nightingales sing no longer
and i have lost all promises of the morrows grace
the snow has begun falling
growing deeper and deeper around me

I seek warmth but find no shelter
I long for rest but find no haven
I quest for beauty but the roses are all withered
and even the day has gone
towards night i walk but find no shelter
I seek warmth

The season to rejoice
from poetry by Lewis Carrol
the light was faint, and soft the air
that breathed around that place
and she was lithe and tall and fair
with a wayward grace
her queenly head she bare

with glowing cheek with gleaming eye
she met me on the way
my spirit owned the witchery
within her smile that lay
i followed her i know not why

and in my dream with silvery voice
she said or seemed to say
youth is the season to rejoice
i could not say her nay
i could not say her nay

Sailing over the edge of the world
sister dearest
sea winds call for me
the breeze is whispering gaily
and the waves are beckoning me

brother dearest
i have been watching the stars
my fortune speaks of secrets
it's time for me to part

as the morrows first wind
fills my sails with songs of good faith
I'll make this ship my home
and trust the changing tides

the last sight of my father's land
is lost in roiling sea
but my heart is filled with light
I'll sail over the edge of the world

Faces in the fire
from poetry by Lewis Carrol
the night creeps onward.
in these embers' dying glow
the forms of fancy come and go

an island farm where trees grew,
stirred by the breath of morn
-the happy spot where i was born

the picture fades,
in its place in the glow i seem to trace
the shifting semblance of a face
with locks of hair like gold

but the pictures with their light
are changed and gone
and i am left alone with night

Three sunsets
from poetry by Lewis Carrol
I saw you once
and in a hasty glance, a moments glance
my heart stood still in sudden trance
I trembled with sweet surprise

Music was in every sound,
with lighter steps i trod the ground
I blessed the world where there could be
so beautiful thing as you

and stars were peering overhead
the western sun gleamed faint and red
lost in a drift of purple cloud

slow sinking through the tearful mist
in dreamy music I seemed to drift
through the dark chambers of my soul

I sometimes, as the daylight slowly wane
and evening mist begin to roll,
complain of the dark shadow on my soul
and blindly fanned, with cruel care
the ashes of a vain despair

The fragile core
by Bard Titlestad
Could you hook your dreams
Onto drifting clouds
As they sail on by
Ravaged by dreadful winter

Swirling in their perfect Emptiness
Souls bathed in a
Night time of
Silence and sorrow
a perpetual sorrow
like a sun's dying rays

silence belies the fantasy
we strive to contain;
(at the fragile core
of our shared misconceptions
is time)

did you snare your dreams
in nothingness
while clouds drifted on by
caught in the endless winter

Blue cold day
Beneath the arching trees
the breeze whispers silently
of sweet release

ripples in the cold air
the mist grows thin and clear

blue, cold, day

siren strains drift
over the powdery snow
my essence shifts

I have been led astray
to a place meant not for human kind

blue, cold, day

Fields of desolation
Let me walk through forests
shining with beauty
let the soft winds of melancholy
embrace and carry my soul far away

Let my eyes rest upon beds of flowers
and arise, breathing the fumes of a rose in bloom
and let me gather, reach 'round
feats of your creation and love

Oh let me walk,
let me walk
through fields immense
in their desolation

Let me walk through barren wastelands
'til my identity fades and drowns
in the astral sea of isolation
and my soul flies

De glemtes vei
Det går en gammel sti
gjennom mørke skoger og fjell
den er kronglete og trang
og lysningene er få

Evig går jeg på denne sti
uten noe mål å nå
for sjelen min er ensom
det er ingen andre steder å gå

Måneløse nattehimler
og livløse sorte hav
rammer inn de gamle glemte
som en endeløs grav
vandring hjelper ikke
heller ikke tro
for de glemtes vei er evig, og
skrik den eneste ro

En ring av stein
Månens åpne hender
favner om en ring av stein
Mørkets frembrudd sender
bud om håpløshet og savn

På leting etter fremtid
står en sikkelse i sort
og går i ett med ringens steiner
og håper at dagen, døden er nær

I denne endeløse sirkel
av ondskap
hvor alle barn blir født
står en skikkelse med åpne hender
og en sjel hvor i allting er dødt