Here are some of the instruments we have used on our recordings

Nylon stringed guitar

This is a Yamaha model APX-6 guitar which was bought in Surrey, England in 1994. It is used on all songs on the "Refugee.." and "..ageless day" albums, except the song "Faces in the fire".

This is the guitar on which most songs are made.

Steel stringed guitar

This guitar was bought in Oslo, Norway in 1998. It is a Larrivee guitar of size "Jumbo". It is used for the solo on "Embitterment" as well as the main guitar on "Faces in the fire".
It is always tuned down 2 semitones to D, which gives it a very rich bass.


This koto is so far only used on the song "Sailing over the edge of the world". It was purchased in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam in 2000.

It is hand crafted and has a beautiful sound, but it's rather difficult to play. The koto is actually a Chinese instrument, but was imported to Japan around the fifth to third century B.C.


These gongs were bought at the same place as the koto. We haven't used the smallest one, but the larger is used on "Faces in the fire". It has a rather sombre, dark sound and is tuned to C.


This bass is lent to us by our friend Jo Arild Tønnessen, and is the bass used on the "..ageless day" album. It is custom fitted with EMG pickups and has a very nice warm sound.


Bought in Stavanger, Norway in 2001, these bongo drums are used on the "..ageless day" album.


This drum is the propery of our friend Anders. It is a very large and heavy djembe and has a really deep bass. It too was used on the "..ageless day" album.


This glockenspiel is used on both the "Refugee.." and the "..ageless day" albums. It was purchased in Bergen, Norway in 1999.
On the "..Refugee" album it is used on the song "Refugee from the monochrome" and on "..ageless day" it is used on the song "Blue, cold day".


The plastic recorder was bought in Stavanger, Norway in 2001, but the wooden one belongs to Oddbjorn's family and is quite old. Both flutes are used on the song "Sailing over the edge of the world", and the wooden one alone is used on "Embitterment".
The wooden recorder has a very nice mellow sound, but due to it's age it has become rather difficult to play.

Various percussion

Here we have the indispensable orange and egg shakers which we used on the "..ageless day" album. The eggs were bought in 2001, as were the claves. The orange shaker is the property of Oberon.


This tamburine was bought in 2000 in Stavanger. We have used it on both our albums.